Key Technology

Back-up Battery Monitor System

PalCells Technologies develop IoT-based battery monitor solution for lead acid battery-based backup system though battery chemistries are not limited to that.

Our battery monitor can measure battery voltages, current and power during both charging and discharging.  While in the monitoring process, a battery's status of health (SOH) and operating temperatures are also recorded.

The monitoring results can be displayed through a local LCD module, or uploaded to the cloud and stored in a database.  The cloud server SW will analyze the data and send update status based on the requirement criterions of the users.

Inside this monitor solution, is a microprocessor-based control board with built-in internal resistance measurement circuitry, a patent-pending clamp-on current sensor, 802.11n wireless/BT module and application and cloud service software.

The control board has built-in 12 bit ADC, 2 I/O control functions as well as many ADC input channels that can be used for other applications. Clamp-on current sensors can be used for any DC/AC current monitor and WiFI/BT module and related SW can be generalized for many other applications.

General System Diagram

Clamp on DC Current sensor system

Clamp-on current sensor is sensor that is used for measuring DC current. They are particularly useful for measuring battery current during charging and discharging especially for energy storage or UPS. It also can be used inside any electric  equipment. The clamp on type is particularly suitable clipped straight on to  the DC voltage wires of various size gauge without  disconnecting any wires. In addition to the sensor module, Palcells also provide the sensor development board and provide NRE solution to speed up the application development.

Never Worry Again 

PalCells uses the cloud to send you notifications right to your phone. Download our App and get the peace of mind of always knowing the current status of your batteries through our smart charger.


  • Inverter
  • UPS
  • Smart Meter
  • Solar Power Generating System
  • Industrial Robots
  • Automation Devices
  • Welding Machines
  • Elevators
  • Power Supply
  • Wind Power System
  • Fuel Cell Systems
  • Lab DC Current Monitor

Current Sensor Specifications

  • Input Current: 0~200A DC
  • Power supply: ~5V
  • Non-linearity: ±3%
  • Work Temperature:

Current Sensor Development System

Microchip PIC18F46K processor
  • Current sensor is powered by 5V and connected direct to 12 bit ADC analog input
  • Real time ADC current display SW
  • Optional wireless module and SW to cloud
  • Data Acquisition SW


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Patent Pending:

  1. Current Sensor and Battery Current Monitoring System
  2. Battery Monitor System